Renters Insurance

You’ve just moved into your new apartment, so now what? You should purchase Renters Insurance! Before you say, “But I’m not going to cause any damage to my apartment,” remember that you don’t always cause damage yourself. Mother Nature or other tenants and guests could prove to be the source of your problems later.

What Will It Do For Me?

Renters Insurance provides both liability coverage for you and your family and coverage for your personal property (both inside and outside your apartment). The apartment owner’s insurance policy does not cover losses to your personal property or cover you against liability claims. You need to purchase a separate policy to protect yourself.

I Don’t Own That Much!

You may not think it’s important to have insurance – after all, it’s not like you own the building! But imagine these scenarios:

  • An electrical surge fries your computer, television and stereo.
  • Thieves clean out your apartment while you are on vacation.
  • Someone trips over a power cord in your apartment and is injured.
  • The building catches fire and your belongings are lost due to water, smoke and fire damage.
  • You have to pay for a hotel room following the fire until your landlord fixes your apartment.

This list doesn’t begin to elaborate on the possibilities for disaster – the list goes on and on! And as we’ve all discovered, you can never discount such crazy-sounding possibilities. Life is often stranger than fiction!

Other Advantages

The best news is Renters Insurance is very affordable! For a few dollars a month, you can get coverage for you and your property. You may even qualify for discounts! In addition, building up a history of being insured is comparable to building a credit history. When you go to buy homeowner’s insurance, it may be easier and cheaper if you are a “long-time” insured.